Digital Democracy

by Mon Che

Dis-Courage 05:39
Desert Bones 04:16
Trojan Bebop 05:02
Nite Donkey 04:40


All sonic creations composed by Paul Dunk on a 5 String Tobias Bass and 7 String Jackson Baritone Guitar. Other interfaces: Cubase, Line 6 Tone Port and Line 6 POD HD.

Mon Che began his psychedelic journey in South Africa back in 1996, coming from a guitar and bass background he got interested in Psy-trance when he attended an outdoor music festival at the legendary Rustlers Valley.

Loving all music with groove and energy it seemed like a natural progression for him to incorporate Electronica and Extended Range Guitars.

Having Dj'd and produced Psy Trance under the name of Module for nearly 20 years he felt a strong urge to get back to an organic music production style.

His music incorporates 5 String Bass and 7 String Baritone Guitar infused with Electro Landscapes ,Searing Synth Sounds and a love for Sci-Fi.

Mon Che is a true fusion of analog meets digital and tells a story of man and machine working in combination to produce a sonic emotive journey to the stars and beyond.


released January 15, 2016

W&P by Paul Dunk
Mastered at Timeless Studio by Alex Parasense.
Photograph used in artwork by Takashi Kitajima.

Spaceradio Records, 2016.


all rights reserved



Spaceradio Records Moscow, Russia

Independent label promoting quality electronic music, from ambient to psybreaks and midtempo trance.

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